Simon Benson & Alison Edwards
At the End of 2019
2 - State Festival
5 - Sri Lanka
7- Grandparenthood

In a week it will be 2020. Already!

And for this, our only plans so far are a trip to Northern England and Scotland in June - July. After 5 days in Helsinki en route, before flying into Manchester, we have planned some walks; across the Yorkshire Dales, and then from Glasgow to Fort William, and then across to Inverness. And then fly home from Edinburgh.

And this time, we are doing it the easy way - with accommodation booked each night and our luggage transported. We must be getting older. Or wiser! The company dong this have even sent detailed walk track notes so we can spend our time thinking about other , more exciting things and what we would like to do in the linking bits of the trip.

"The job of a parent is bring up a child correctly. The job of a grandparent is to undo all their hard work." So far, we have only the utmost admiration for the parenting of Louse and Annette and joy watching Alice delight in being an aunt. We try to be useful or helpful but are easily distracted by watching or playing with Jack (more fun than housework or cooking). So we have been exemplary grandparents to date - no undoing what they are doing so well.

Any tips or hints about ways you remember your grandparents indulging you, spoiling you, stories you loved or special treats, let us know. The only tip we have received to date is that as we are besotted, we can look at baby photos with more interest and more often than anyone unrelated and so we have tried not to just post cute baby photos.