Alison Edwards & Simon Benson
A Warmish Start to 2018



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Our plans

Rail Trail Lord Howe Island
Madagascar Mauritius

Despite our being at work as usual, for the usual Thursdays and Fridays, January is very much a holiday month. No orchestra, no book clubs, no circus training; which gives us a lot more free time than usual. But this is all about to stop; Alison has already returned to unrestricted circus, and all the other things fire up again in the next week.

We've been up in Castlemaine most of the time, where the summer so far has been hotter than usual - most days the temperature seems to be in the high 30's or low 40's. It restricts outdoor activities a bit, but not too much; We need to drink a lot of water though. And we have to spend a lot of time watering the garden; the rain is not frequent, and when it comes it is usually as a thunderstorm.

We have had fewer plums than usual on our trees. Not only was there a severe late frost which didn't help, there was an early attack by cockatoos - well before the plums were anywhere near ripe, and before we'd netted the trees - who were after just the pips. They just opened the plums and left the flesh there. Next year we'll have to get in earlier.

We've been thinking again of where to go next. Japan is one possibility, and so is Madagascar. It will probably all start to jell in the next month.