Alison Edwards & Simon Benson
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It's been four months since I posted anything here. This is why......

Towards the end of our trip to Europe, back in June, Alison started getting some funny feelings in her chest. We got home and, while she was trying out which stethoscope to use for her new job, found she'd developed a heart murmur. And she was getting more short of breath than she should have been.

So - this led to an echocardiogram, which confirmed our suspicions that the mitral valve in her heart had prolapsed and started leaking. This led to the cardiologist, and then a stress echocardiogram, whic led to the confirmation of our suspicions / fears that she would need surgery. We saw the surgeon, who thought the valve would be able to repaired and not need to be replaced. A much better option. heart surgery......scary.

This led to the lead up to operation. Lots more tests; trans-oesophageal echocardiogram, cardiac catheter, angiogram, holter monitor, blood tests ++; and then it was waiting for a date for operation.

As we were waiting, she got a bit worse. Her symptoms of funny feeling in chest and shortness of breath with exertion got worse, and she developed a cough at times. I rang and informed them of this, and a week ago she was scheduled for surgery yesterday - Monday 2nd October.

As I write this, the following day, she's still in intensive care but will soon be moving out to the ward. The valve was repaired, not replaced. She's had a lot of the tubes she had put in taken out, but there are still quite a lot more. But she's awake and alert, and - so far - all is going well.

We are both very glad that the past few months are over.