Simon Benson & Alison Edwards
Off to Europe - Finland and France

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We flew via Hong Kong to Helsinki - thanks to getting a good deal with Finnair. And on arriving at 6am the captain announced that the temperature was -2º. well, we had expected cold. But the cold morning was followed by a sunny cool day, a lot of which we spent on a walking tour of the city. A very good walking tour. And we stayed up all day before jet lag forced us to sleep ~9pm.

Alison got up the next morning and gasped. Not only was there snow on the ground, it was snowing! Just lightly, but it kept it up all morning. so we had to go out and walk around the city to see it under snow. It was very different.

But the snow disappeared quickly. We walked to the station the next day under a blue sky; but it was not warm. There were some areas of ice in the sea, and the big statue on the waterfront was draped in icicles and had some ice on the surface of its pool.

We flew to Paris. Out the aircraft's window we saw the ground was green - a good change after Helsinki, which spring had yet to get to. We were met at the airport by our friends Sylvie & Jean-Charles, and daughter Fanny, whom we'd met in Tahiti. we spent Easter with them, going to various spots around their village and eating large amounts of very good food. Then Jean-Charles took us on a scenic drive through Paris to drop us at Montparnasse Station, and we got on the train to St. Jean Pied a Port, 5 hours to the south.

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