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A new year, and new plans.

Last week we said a final goodbye to our builders, Darren and Peter. They have been great and coped with all our thoughts and re thinks re renovating. As the whole project started with a simple desire to extend the verandah, it has been a long time coming. Sheehan street is fully operational, as is our "new" garage, the old shed has gone and the new veranda is built and roofed. (Spouting and plumbing and painting are still to come but hardly count!) Painting was a very hot job in the afternoon sun; this led to Simon getting sunburnt (which has not happened for a long time!) and us running out of beer (which has never happened before.) I am looking forward to sitting under cover, in a breeze, looking out and planning where we might put seats or the new garden shed or vegetable beds or new trees.

We still spend time in Melbourne and Simon's arrangements continue unchanged but I have decided to move on from my current job. I stopped work at ERA last week and have not yet decided where I am going to start. There are lots of good things happening in Melborne besides work - circus, friends, bookclub, socialising with kids and Mum, so I am not sure hiw much work I will fit in before Easter when we go away.

And we've had a long weekend camping in the Grampians; here there is a scary rock formation called the "Nerve Test", which I'd been told that the National Park had blown up. I asked at Tourist Info, and was told that no, it still existed - but they weren't allowed to tell me where it was! (No problem - I remembered where.)

We went to two clearing sales within a week and filled the garage up with good things bought at a good price but needing somewhere to live. We finally got around to writing our Christmas cards, and sent them off a month after Christmas - the latest ones we've ever heard of. We took our daughters on a Segway tour. A lot of fun. And went out to a cafe where I found a brochure for Footscray Women's circus - and there was Alison in it!