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A Trip Away Again - to Canberra
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When we arrived back home in June, at the start of the coldest and darkest three months of the year, I had every intention of going away somewhere warm, to break up the too-long winter months.

But Alison's broken heart put a stop on anything like that. Until now, when everything is returning to normal again. So - where to go? Somewhere not too far; we booked flights and an Airbnb apartment in Canberra for 4 nights. And, as it turned out, Canberra was somewhere warm - it was over 30 degrees every day.

I had little idea of Canberra's layout, but the apartment was not too far from Parliament House so I hoped it would be a good location. And it was! Five minutes walk from a shopping area where we could buy food, and very walkable to the the National Gallery, National Library, and other attractions.

And walk we did! We landed in Canberra to find no Tourist Info office - in fact nothing much at all open. (It was Saturday afternoon). Fortunately we'd looked up how to get the bus into town (and found that it was free for Seniors like us, even those from interstate). So we took a bus to town, and then managed to take one down to Maluka, where we were going to stay.

That was the last bus we took. Since then, it's been walking only - including walking to the airport at the end to catch our plane home. We've walked quite a lot. To the National Gallery (with the excellent "Hyper Real" exhibition, the National Library, the National Museum, the National Botanic Gardens, and back through the Australian National University.... It's a very National sort of place.

Then, we walked again on the last day - to the airport. It was very doable, taking us 2 hours; it would have been quicker if we hadn't taken a wrong turn down a busy road for 15 minutes and then had to retrace our steps.

Now we're home again - and I'm hoping for a less exciting year than this year has been, next year.