Alison Edwards & Simon Benson
Alison's Progress - nearly back to normal

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As may be sort of expected, Alison has done better post-operatively than the average cardiac surgery patient. She has returned to work again, and returned to gym in Castlemaine; but not surprisingly has not gone back to circus yet.

We went to see the cardiologist again, and left very happy with her warfarin stopped. We walked past the Princess Theatre, where "The Book of Mormon" musical was on; and though musicals are not our thing, we were in such a happy frame of mind (and the tickets were discounted, near the end of its run) that we bought tickets.

It reaffirmed that musicals are not our thing. And made me wonder how it had played to packed audiences for months? Other people must like musicals. Give me a good opera instead any day.

So now, our lives are more normal again. We're going off to Canberra for a few days R&R in December, and starting to plan trips etc. for next year after all these things being on hold since June.