Alison Edwards & Simon Benson
Alison's Progress - further

Alison is now up to Day 17 after operation. We went straight up to Castlemaine when she left hospital; it's a much nicer place to be, there are not the multitude of stairs the flat in North Melburne has, and there is garden all around. And, of course, there are many more people we know close by. Most of whom have now got over their surprise that Alison has needed an operation like that!

She has done really well, so far. Of course, with her fitness level prior to operation, she could be expected to do well - but there are no guarantees in any of this. She is limited in her lifting (1kg in the first week, increasing by 1kg more each week) which means needing help with any heavyish saucepan in the kitchen. Turning over in bed is tricky, because it needs to be done without using her arms. Sitting up, also, with out using her arms. But fortunately her legs still work well; we went off for a walk down along the creek a couple of days after she got home, and soon after that tried the 1½ km walk into town, with the same distance back. This was all doable, so now a walk like that is a daily occurrence.

She didn't like the effects of strong painkillers on her thinking, so from Day 3 all she's been using for the pain has been paracetamol. I find this amazing! I've not had a sternotomy, but I thought they were significantly painful.

So - she's doing well. You can sit around with her and chat, and go for a walk, and not think that there is anything different about her. But she is a bit surprised that the tiredness and shortness of breath are still present, when the leaking valve has been fixed. I'm not surprised - major surgery like that really knocks your body about a lot.