Simon Benson & Alison Edwards
Castlemaine Changes - some planned, some not

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After the Overland Track, our normal lives have resumed. And it is springtime! Despite it obviously being spring, with blossom coming out, plants shooting up and daylight saving starting, it has been a very cold and wet spring. We cannot really complain about it being wet - not enough rain is the usual problem - but it would be nice to get a hint of warm weather.

Last week we woke on a Monday morning to find that the garden looked different. A huge peppercorn tree had fallen down during the night (fortunately across the creek, doing no great damage, rather than falling on the house.) We'd been home the whole time and didn't hear it fall!

And we finally have had our garage removed - something that's been planned for three years, and it's finally happened. I advertised it on Gumtree for about two hours - after which I had to take it off to stop people ringing me. The first prospective buyer decided he didn't want it after all, but the second person was very happy to come and spend two half-days dismantling it and taking it away. Now all that's left is the concrete floor and we can get on with extending the back verandah of the house around the side.

One day it may all be finished.

One bonus of the wet weather is that it has made the ground soggy and soft, making laying a stormwater drain from the new water tank a much easier task.


And - we have finally booked our flights for next year, when we plan to walk the Camino de Santiago again. We are flying via Helsinki, allowing us to get to France non-jetlagged and then have a quick trip to St. Petersburg on the way back home. We will be away from mid-April until early June; and if we find we don't want to walk all the way to Santiago, we'll go and do something else!