Simon Benson & Alison Edwards
In May - and winter is coming



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We've been back home for a month. And it's good; after being away and sleeping in queen size beds, it's been nice to be back in our ordinary, smaller, double bed. The fashion is to have a bigger bed but we like our smaller one.

And just after we got back, Alison woke up in the quietness of the morning in Castlemaine and said "This is more like holidays than being on holidays." And so it is - we are very fortunate to feel this way.

And, back here, is my violin and Alison's piano. I missed playing my violin during the two weeks away. Which is amazing, as I spent 46 years not playing it and not missing it either.

(As nothing much has happened - the photos are mostly of our time on a (very) high ropes course our children took us on as a birthday present, in February)

The weather here stayed warm. We kept expecting it to get cold, thinking how strange it is that it's not getting cold, and still wering shorts most of the day. But it has finally, on 1st May, got colder and I have been forced into wearing more clothing. Now we have three months of winter in front of us. I don't mind winter, but it goes on for too long.

As an antidote to this we have finalised our trip in July / August to the Kimberley, in NW Australia, where we are going on a 12-day boat trip through the Buccaneer archipelago. We've been up there on land, but there are lots of areas which are only accessible from the sea. And on this boat we won't have to worry about our bed size being too big, because apparently you sleep in swags on the deck or camp ashore on one of the islands.

But we may counter this as well with walking the Overland Track in winter again. We'll see.




(And we still do a lot of things at home)