Simon Benson & Alison Edwards
In Iceland (Part 3)



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Iceland Part 3- by Simon

Iceland continues to be an amzing adventure, but one has to admit that it is a cold place. The locals said that it has been a very cold spring, and that summer is a long time in coming; we were waiting for it, and it finally came four days before we left. To celebrate that, here is a photo of us having lunch in a park, at a picnic table - without a jumper or jacket on. And I even unzipped my legs - for a few hours.

We had two days of lovely sunny weather before the cold returned. But we have no complaints about the cold, because waiting for warmer weather means enduring hordes of tourists - in July and August we were told that the number of tourists outnumbers the number of Icelanders.

We continued on our tour in the van, continuing to "bush camp" every night and use swimming pools for a shower. The last swimming pool we used was notable for being a green algae swimming pool; both the pool and the hot tubs had a distinct greenish appearance, which people clainmed was good for your health. At any rate, we didn't get sick from it. Our camp sites each night were in general really nice and no-one ever bothered us or suggested we shouldn't overnight there.

We finished our "tour" going around the sites on the Snaefellnes peninsula, which is quite close to Reykjavik and has a varied sample of Iceland's natural attractions; and perhaps we should have started there, because we'd seen bigger and better of most of these en route. But the last day we walked up to Glymur, Iceland's highest waterfall; and this was really impressive. Not just the falls, but the canyon with its bird cliffs as well.

We gave the van back. I was glad to have spent the time driving in rural Iceland, because doing so in Reykjavik was quite a challenge. But we got it back on time, and returned to Sonja and David's for our last two nights. They surprised us by putting on a barbecue on the first night - while it was still warm. A very nice thing to do. then we spent our last day going on a tour "inside the volcano", a remarkable trip involving walking up to the top of a volcanic cone and then having a 6 minute / 120 metre descent in a modified skyscraper window-cleaning device to the bottom of the empty magma chamber. (120 metres may not sound like so much, but the cavity is big enought to hold the USA's Statue of Liberty.)

And the next day we flew back to Copenhagen - after making a late discovery of the excellent and huge Icelandic ice-creams.



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