Simon Benson & Alison Edwards
In Switzerland



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(Simon writes)

After a standard long flight via Hong Kong, we landed in Zurich at 6am. It was all very straightforward - we didn't even need to fill in an immigration card - until we went to buy some money at an ATM. The Citibank card we'd specially loaded up for the trip wouldn't give us any money, so in the end we needed to use an alternative.

We bought train tickets to Rotkreuz (2nd class, though the ticket seller tried to sell us 1st class ones), managed two changes and arrived in Rotkreuz, and, using our map I'd fortunately printed out, walked to Werner and Sonja's apartment. Not very far, but it was a warm morning and our luggage, including the six bottles of wine we'd bought, was quite heavy. By the time we got there, I was dripping.

But since then -

we've overcome jet lag quite quickly, with the aid of lots of bike riding and walking and perhaps by a late night the day after we arrived. And Werner and Sonja have tken us to lots of places we would never have known about. The weather has been beautiful as you can see (apart from lots of rain the morning we left Switzerland).










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