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(From the world's worst bloggers - written by Alison a month ago:)

Einstein had it wrong - at least as far as I understand, he thought time was linear, at least at times. Why des it speed up before the end of the year and as you get older, resulting in a mad gallop to the end of 2015?

It is months since we got home from our last trip and the months of July, August September and October were filled with day to day decisions re the renovations and a feeling that nothing much was happening. That is patently wrong when I think how the Sheehan street house looked then and how it is nearly fully functional now. Also we have had friends staying and lots of family functions and are currently away from home, enjoying a 10 day break in a campervan.

Work and petty decisions seem a million miles away when you are on top of the mountain, in rainforest or fending off King Parrots (who seem to think I will feed them) or watching dolphins surfing off the beach 100 km north of Newcastle. I don't need to own one but "borrowing" a campervan occasionally allows us to have a very unstructured local explore type break. The little towns we have visited are starting to gear up for Christmas already and as we often go away for the week just before Christmas, I fear I will be both pleased and disconcerted when we get home next week, Pleased because instead of two days to Christmas there will still be more than a month; disconcerted because after arriving home in a relaxed frame of mind, I will not necessarily feel like returning to the routine of work and the small jobs to finish Sheehan street.

Who cares! the kookaburras are laughing, there is an open bottle of wine to finish and we have had a lovely day walking around the Gloucester Tops. This is a World heritage site and sometimes this can mean too many people but here, midweek, we have it almost to ourselves. We are staying in a little caravan park at the edge of the National park so have the luxury of hot showers and electricty without any downsides as there are only one other lot of transient visitors here. The park has a string of on site "vans' along the river front. These are permanent weekenders and mostly unattended at present. Maybe the building codes are diffeent here in NSW or maybe these have been just overlooked. There is a caravan somewhere in most of them but almost all have wood burning heaters, enclosed verandahs, fully built in annexes, barbeque pits, one even has jason recliners on the front deck! Wandering the length of the river is an entertainment in itself. Add wallabies, glossy cockatoos, water dragons and reputedly, platypus and it really is a gem of a park.

Alice leaves on her long trip to South America before we get home. Louise has started her last unit of formal study for her year long MICA course. We are looking forward to a relaxing summer, and trying to slow down the year and enjoy every moment - especially planning our next adventures - somehow that seems a very good thing to do when driving around.

(And from Simon - today:)

We have been extraordinarily busy since we got back from Newcastle. The house in Sheehan St. is now finished - sort of. At any rate, there is no more work there for outside tradespeople, only for us: painting, tiling, etc. But the hose is now very inhabitable with fully functional bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. Soon we'll have to seriously think about what to do with it!

But the big change in my life has been resuming playing my violin, after an interlude of ~46 years. This happened because I was introduced to the Corker Orchestra, an orchestra (sort of) in Castlemaine of various people who want to play; a huge range of ages, and a huge range of proficiencies in playing their instruments. I'm down at the bottom in proficiency, of course; though I was in the front row of the orchestra in their concert in the Town Hall.

And I had a three day motorcycle trip - complicated by a tyre puncture. Not as easily dealt with as in a car...

And we have, very belatedly, started planning our next trip. Walking in New Zealand in March; perhaps walking the Overland Track again, again in winter; and..... Camino frances again in 2017....