Simon Benson & Alison Edwards
Canada - and the end of this trip



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We arrived in Canada by ferry to Victoria, on Vancouver Island. And we've had a short time here, but it's been really nice; a day in Victoria, which is a lovely town to wander in, staying in a lovely central airbnb apartment from where we could walk to anywhere we wanted. After a day here - we could have spent longer - we drove up to Nanaimo, stopping en route at the Kinsol trestle bridge, which is the largest in the Commonwealth - and thus larger than any Australian one.It surely looked like it was.

We were going to Nanaimo to see Denis & Kiersten, whom we met 11 years ago very near here - though at the time they lived in Alberta. We had met them for only one evening when we were camped at Transit Beach, and not seen them since; we weren't really sure we would recognise them. But we were able to find their house, and we spent three wonderful days with them - fortunately all getting on really well together. They are like-minded people at a similar stage in their lives.

They took us kayaking on the bay near their home, and introduced us to a few quirky Canadian things - such as Caesars, a cocktail like a bloody Mary but made with Clamato - a combination of tomato juice with clam chowder. And Alison was introduced to wobbly pops- the local name for alcopops. Now I see what all the fuss was about.

But now? This trip is over, and we've come home.


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